Yoga for Children’s Mental Health and Well-Being

Hi guys! I’m back today with a guest post from Rachel Hudson, a therapist and yoga master. Rachel is here to share her thoughts on how yoga can be used to enhance children’s mental health and well-being. Thanks, Rachel!

Nowadays, children get more information in a day than we used to in a month in our childhood. Social media creates an illusion that everyone has to be involved in all spheres of social life. Kids and parents “hang out” online every free minute in fear of missing new updates, new photos, videos, and so on. Kids’ minds are overwhelmed with tons of information, and this overconsumption leads to constant stress, computer dependency, sleep disorders, and depression. Our kids need something to reduce the stress level. Yoga for kids and parents is a wonderful opportunity to cope with stress, get better results in school, improve family mood and contribute to future well-being. 

In the article below, we are going to show why yoga is good for mental health and how it helps to withstand everyday challenges.

Body Mind Balance

There are different types and schools of yoga theory. What type of yoga is best for mental health? What is suitable for the kids? Kundalini yoga is one that can improve your kids’ mental well-being and create a bridge between body and mind activities. Balance is the word that can characterize yoga most of all. Kids need a balanced life to feel happy and relaxed. After school each day, yoga classes based on balancing exercises will help develop body coordination, control breathing, and help kids enjoy every muscle working. Balance exercises are the best for beginners, as they teach concentration and help to navigate everyday stresses. It is like a tool to look inside and to listen to their own hearts. It is beneficial for kids with attention and self-esteem problems. The greatest thing is that it is not competitive. The only person the child has to compete with is their own body and mind restrictions.

Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Almost all children have behavioral or emotional difficulties at one time or another due to increased tension from school, parents, and social expectations. Compared to normal active or competitive sports, yoga is more effective in coping with stress and anxiety problems. Some yoga postures, so-called asanas, were created with the special aim of reducing stress levels and reaching inner harmony. The breathing technique (pranayama) works perfectly in combination with the set of asanas.

Kids are kids, and they perform better when they have some bright sports tools and equipment, even when we speak about a yoga class. A simple baby care play mat may also be used instead of a yoga mat. 

We have to remember that yoga for kids is not a simple version of an adult yoga practice. It is a special and unique practice. Some yoga poses for kids are different from adult ones, though they are called the same. They need the other ways to practice concentration, and the muscles are used differently.

Postponed Benefits of Yoga for Children’s Mental Health

Kids who include meditation and balanced kundalini yoga into their life create the basis for stable mental health in the future. This practice is extremely important in the modern world full of anxiety. How does it happen scientifically? In brief words, the human nervous system is divided into sympathetic and parasympathetic ones. The sympathetic nervous system (so-called “fight or flight”) is overloaded in stressful situations and cannot control the body anymore. It may even start ruining the body by creating the super stressed level and blocking the reactions. The main benefit of yoga for kids is that it provides a calming heart rate and activates the parasympathetic nervous system. It leads to better digestion, balanced sleep, and immunity in general. So, yoga practice is valuable for healthy well-being.

Final Thoughts

Yoga keeps both soul and body healthy and helps kids to cope with life problems. Children live in a stressful world, and they may find yoga classes helpful for self-management and a better mental life-long perspective. Yoga is a great ancient practice, and we have to learn from it to help our kids live a better life. It increases energy, helps with self-control and self-esteem, and connects people together. 

Have you ever tried yoga with your kids? How was your experience?

Author’s Bio: Rachel Hudson is a yoga master and a practicing therapist. She is working with children in both professional ways, taking the best and inventing her own special yoga classes.

Have you ever heard about the benefits of yoga for children's mental health? We will depict the issue in detail and show you the influence on the kids' well-being.

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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.