How to Actually Accomplish Your 2021 Goals

How are those 2021 Resolutions treatin’ ya? If you’re anything like the statistics, you might have already given up on them. But don’t lose heart, because today, we’re throwing away resolutions and getting serious about our goals for 2021. You in??

Over the next few days, take time to think about what you really want to do this year. What sets your heart on fire? What have you felt the stirring to do but always put it off as something for later? It’s time to do those things. So after you’ve gotten those 2-5 solid goals, you’re going to need a plan to accomplish them. Or they’ll end up just like all those forgotten resolutions before them. 

1.Dig into the ‘why’

Accomplishing goals isn’t rainbows and butterflies, so right off the bat, you need to know your why. Write down the WHY for each of your goals, and then go deeper. Get down to the very bottom layer of the why, so that you can keep going when things get tough and you are tempted to give up.

2. Find an accountability partner

Find someone who also is setting out to crush some major goals this year, and then hold each other accountable. Text or chat at least once a week to let each other know what you’ll be working on this week, what got done last week, how you’re feeling about your progress, and what challenges you have faced recently. If you can find someone to be honest with you and you’re honest with them, you’ll be able to push past any obstacles and keep moving forward.

3. Set mini goals

If my goal is to “write a book” in 2021, that might feel pretty daunting. Similarly, if my goal is to run a half marathon, I might feel like that’s not in the cards. This is where mini goals come in. Rather than “write a book” what if my goal is to write 20 minutes a day? Or write a chapter a week? What if for running, I slowly but consistently adjust my time or mileage? By setting mini goals, you’ll feel like you are accomplishing things, which will keep you motivated to work toward the big goal. And before you know it, that big goal will have been achieved!

4. Let go of the other stuff

We can’t do it all. So if you have a couple goals that you’re going to go hard after in 2021, the rest has to fade away. If you’re going to start business from home, well, this year you might not have the cleanest house or be classroom mom. And you’re going to have to be okay with it. Letting go of some tasks, “responsibilities” (quotes because in this case, we’re talking about stuff we feel we must do but we truly do NOT), and self-imposed standards of perfection will allow time and space to work on our goals.

5. Write down the progress

Journaling or even just writing what you’ve accomplished on a calendar or in a phone note will help when the motivation to keep working toward your goals wavers, You can look at what you’ve written, see the progress in black and white, and find strength to keep going after what you’ve decided matters this year.

6. Adjust

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we can’t predict or control much of what happens. So this year as you work on those goals, don’t be afraid to adjust them or reroute them. Sometimes we have to. And that’s okay!! What matters most is that you are pursuing something you believe in, something that gives you life, and that will feel amazing to have accomplished. No one said the journey to completion has to be perfect. 

I love being able to reinvent myself and think of new goals and challenges each year. What goals do you have for 2021?

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With a new year in focus, it’s time to get serious about setting our goals for 2021. Sharing some ways to truly accomplish your goals on the blog today! #goals #newyear #resolutions



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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.

I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.

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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.