6 Walmart Christmas Finds Under $15

Over the past couple years, Walmart has really stepped up their Christmas game. I’m linking six cute Walmart Christmas finds for you today, but if you have a chance, go to your local Walmart and take a look around! #NOTsponsored I’ve found cute stuff there that I can’t even find on the Walmart website to link for you! They have cute women’s shirts, 2 pack bathroom hand towels that are just SO Christmas-y, and matching $5 soap dispensers. Brandon also picked me up a cute apron to wear while we bake cookies this Christmas season.

Alright, since you probably aren’t going to Walmart right this moment, here’s my six picks!

1.Women’s Christmas Pajamas

I believe in hokey as can be when it comes to Christmas. So of course, I’m all in on some Christmas jammies. Brandon likes to bring me little surprises when he goes grocery shopping, and these jams were my surprise a couple weeks ago!

2. Wax Warmer

We’ve used a wax warmer for a few years at this point, but who knew you needed a separate one for Christmastime? This one is so adorable. I just looked and it does say sold out online, but we JUST bought this at our Walmart, so I’m thinking you could find this if you went to your store. I really like Walmart, but I don’t like their website and don’t know how trustworthy it is. 😉

3. Kitchen Towels

Please tell me I’m not the only one who has Christmas kitchen hand towels? I just don’t want to look at my regular towels in the kitchen when I can have some holiday cheer at my fingertips. Literally.

4. Camper Decoration

This is the only thing on this list that I don’t actually own, but go look down the decoration aisles and you’ll see that there’s lots of cute stuff to buy–it’s hard to pick! This camper just makes me smile.

5. Christmas Pillows

We bought these pillows to put up on our hearth (which we made into a bench about a year and a half ago). I just love having Christmas pillows for the living room and for our bedroom. Pillows just make everything feel cozy!

6. Lighted Believe Decoration

Last year we bought one of the lighted decorations, and my mom and Brandon’s mom loved it so much we had to go back and get more of them to give to them. I’m pretty sure my mom went back again and bought some additional ones as gifts–which is a great idea because they’re super cute and affordable and they spread holiday cheer.

Where do you like to buy Christmas goodies?

Walmart has stepped up their Christmas game--and I am here for it! Sharing 6 Walmart Christmas finds under $15 to help you spread some holiday cheer. Whether you want something for you, your house, or need a gift idea, I’ve got you! #NOTsponsored

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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.

I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.

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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.