To My Maverick on his 2nd Birthday

Dear Maverick,

Today, you turn two. I honestly don’t know how we got here…how my tiny little boy became a big toddler in what seemed like the blink of an eye. You’re everything a mommy could want in her son.

Buddy, when you smile, you GRIN. It’s this all teeth, amazing smile that takes over your whole face and I just see absolute joy. Your eyes are included in your smile too, and they are a beautiful blue with eyelashes so long I get a little jealous. You already steal hearts with that smile and those eyes.

You’ve recently started responding when I say “Maverick, I love you!” You say “I love you TOOOOOO Mommy!!”–and you really emphasize that “too.” You pronounce your own name as Mabwick, you say Ampa for Grandpa, you have stopped calling Harlyn Ba and now call her Sissy. You say OJAYYY for OJ and peeegyback when you want a piggyback ride.

You’re the easiest child ever to put down for nap or bed–we don’t even have a routine for you yet, other than throw you in bed at 1:30 and 7. You won’t stop long enough for a real bedtime routine, but that’s okay. You’re as busy as they come, and I love how much energy you have.

You love vacuums almost more than anything else. You cry every single time the vacuum gets put away, and you have one of those popcorn popper toys that you call your vacuum. But you’ll use ANYTHING that has a stick as a makeshift vacuum–brooms, play tent poles, horse on a stick…doesn’t matter to you. The world is your vacuum. 😉

You are very short but stocky, so your BMI is consistently in like, the 99th percentile. You don’t like to miss a meal or a snack!! You like Souped Up Minute Rice, PBJ, ham, and nuggets. Your favorite fruit is grapes (“geeps!”). You will eat your lunch or dinner, and then still need to share our lunch or dinner as well.

Mav, you are so smart. You count to 10 basically on your own. You sing tons of songs, but your favorite is “Happy Birthday” (and you like Rock a Bye Baby, too). You’re funny and goofy and you think your sister is the best thing since sliced bread. Being allowed in her room is your ultimate goal in life, and when she plays with you, you are the happiest boy on the planet. Til you start to fight with each other, anyway. 😉

I know you’re only two, but I know already that you’ll do great things. You’ve already got Jesus in your heart (as much as you can at your age!) and that makes me so happy. You never let us miss a prayer (your fave is God We Thank You) and you are sure to remind us to mute the TV before we pray.

I can’t wait to see what this next year brings you, Buddy. You’re amazing, and I never want you to forget that.

I love you, Maverick.


A love note to my baby boy on his 2nd birthday.


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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.

I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.

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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.