Christmas Gift Guide:  Preschool/Kindergarten Girls (your 2018 gift guide for girls ages 3-6)

First Things First: I do not make any money off of the items discussed below. This post does not contain affiliate links. I am just pointing you to things our family enjoys!

If your household is anything like mine, Christmas discussions come up all year round. It’s never too early for Harlyn to start planning what she’ll ask for from Santa (and us). She’s super considerate though, because if we even mention cost, she says that she can just ask Santa since price doesn’t matter to  him ☺

Today, I thought it’d be fun to share what she’s asking for this year. I’m also including some things we thought of ourselves to hopefully give you some ideas for the little ladies you need to buy for this holiday season!!


1.Barbie Care Clinic Playset

Harlyn is Barbie obsessed, and this new ambulance is just what the doctor ordered. This is her one non-negotiable gift list item, and I think it’s gonna be a popular one. Last year, she had to have the Barbie Camper, and MAN that was hard to find. So this year, we’re buying the Care Clinic now so that our favorite girl can have her Barbie dreams come true.

2. Barbie Camping Fun Doll, Truck and Kayak

Did I mention our kid loves Barbies? This one appears to be a Walmart exclusive (correct me if I’m wrong, but we can’t find this anywhere else), and could be another popular item, so we’ll head on it to Walmart soon to snag this up. Because who doesn’t need another Barbie vehicle??

3. Shimmeez

If you’ve ever watched kid TV, you’ve seen these. Basically, these are stuffed animals with two-way sequins. I bought Harlyn a small one while I was traveling, and she loves it. But homegirl would love a friend for her Shimmee, or better yet, one of the LARGE ones they show in commercials.

4. Our Generation Doll

So listen. Growing up, I always wanted an American Girl doll. My cousins had them, and I was so jealous! But by the time it was a possibility for me, I was too old. Don’t get me wrong, my parents would have totally gotten me one when they bought my sister one, but I declined. Looking back, I don’t know why I did. I mean, I could have just kept her in perfect condition and not have to hope and pray that my own daughter will one day want one so I can live vicariously through her.  But now I have my sweet four year old, and she is super interested in these dolls. However, I don’t see her taking exceptional care of the 4 billion baby dolls she already owns, which is why we’re not going to buy a real AG doll at this point. So, this year…Our Generation at Target will be our pick! Plus, have you seen how cute all the accessories are? I mean…the OG doll stuff will totally suffice.

5. Dress Up Clothes

Lately, Harlyn has wanted to dress up at home. However, her dress up clothes were hand me downs from her cousins, and they are far too small now. So we are thinking we might buy her a dress (I personally think the Fancy Nancy one is super cute, and since we are fans of the show/books, that’s my vote!).

6. New Pajamas

My daughter comes by her obsession with pajamas honestly. I can’t be in regular clothes past 5:10 PM, so we both love new jams. We’ll buy her some Christmas pajamas in November so she can wear them all December, but I’m not against a non-Christmas themed pair to open on Dec. 25 and wear until spring.


Okay, your turn!!! Tell me what your hot ticket items are for your young girls!!! What can’t they live without this Christmas??

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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.

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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.