Harlyn’s Preschool Graduation

This is the final week of preschool for my sweet Harlyn,  but last week they had their preschool graduation/music program.

We have truly LOVED the past two years–Harlyn’s school is everything you’d want for a Christian preschool, and more–and our only regret is that Maverick will not be attending due to some changes coming up for our family. But if you stumble upon this blog and are located in or near Cary, NC, let me know if you want a preschool recommendation!!

Now, I generally try to keep my “personal” posts few and far between, because my guess is that only my mom and my MIL are hanging around here for a diary of our days 😉 I want this blog to be a place for moms to get helpful and practical advice, and always have a place to come where they know that they won’t be judged! I created this blog in part because if you hang around social media enough, you’ll start to feel pretty darn inadequate next to moms with 11 kids who all match and are all smiling. And you’re like, I have 2 kids and they never match and can’t both smile simultaneously to save a life, and I feed them junk food 8 times a day. Or maybe that’s just me, and I created this blog to help myself. It’s a real possiblity, actually. But I digress.

ANYWAY. PRESCHOOL GRADUATION, SHALL WE??? Even though it’s not helpful information for anyone. 😉

The first part of the program was their music program, and they did amazing! Those kids knew the lyrics, knew the motions (or “emotions” as H calls them!), and didn’t mess around. They sang their sweet little hearts out, and did a ton of songs!!

Then they did their graduation ceremony. Each child was called down, got to hug their teachers, received their “diploma” and then walked off stage. They had little handmade caps which were adorable. I meant to record Harlyn’s big moment, but of course somehow my phone wasn’t recording. Booooo! And they did record the whole thing for us, so I know I’ll get a link, but we were in the second row so it would have been way better from my vantage point. Sigh.

Here’s some pictures of Harlyn’s big day! This week, she has her end of year picnic and then Thursday is her very last day. So crazy. They sure do have it right…the days are long but the years are short.

Last week was preschool graduation! Here’s a few thoughts and pictures from the big day!

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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.

I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.

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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.