It’s a Love/Hate Thing: The Sibling Relationship

Today, I want to talk about my kids’ relationship with each other. As any sibling knows, it’s complicated. My babies have a lot of fun together, and then…they don’t. And because I’ll blink and they’ll be teenagers, I want to remember these days where they’re giggling together one second, and biting and crying the next.

I know that all parents think the age gap between their kids is just the best age gap that exists, so forgive me when I tell you: I love my kids’ three year age difference. Especially as Maverick has gotten older and can be more actively involved in play time with his big sister.

Right now, Harlyn and Maverick are able to have lots of fun together. Maverick is a proficient walker these days, and even attempts to run sometimes. (He falls. But he gets back up and tries again.) This means that there are endless games of “tag”—and if it’s just the two of them playing, it’s more just running around like banshees since Mav can’t keep up and actually tag Harlyn. ☺  

They love anything that involves running, being loud, and tearing apart the house (which only gives me a little anxiety). There’s Duck Duck Goose, tag, hide n seek, London Bridge, and dancing to the music Alexa is playing. They also really love to get into Maverick’s crib and use it as a trampoline (I know).

Harlyn often tells Mav that when he gets older, they can have sleepovers and he will be allowed to play Barbies with her. She is truly excited for this!!! And I know he’ll happily oblige, because that kid desperately wants to be in his sister’s room. Maverick enjoys any attention Harlyn gives him, and his little heart breaks when she heads off to play by herself. When she decides to play something with him, he is thrilled.


It’s not all fun and games over here, because someone always gets hurt. Maverick gets mad and bites. Harlyn gets angry and pushes or steps on brother’s tiny toes (literally). We have to watch these two at all times because they very likely have a sibling spat coming at any moment.

So we do our best. We want them to have the space to play without a referee. We want them to get along and have fun, and learn to work it out with each other. So we intervene when needed, and make sure each child gives a REAL sorry when it’s necessary. When Harlyn does something she shouldn’t, we may need to work a bit on a genuine apology, but she gets there.  Even though Maverick doesn’t have the vocabulary quite yet, he still understands being in trouble and understands how to apologize when he’s done something he shouldn’t have. He can hug, kiss, and cuddle, and he absolutely does this! It’s amazing, really. When he knows he’s in the wrong, he wants to correct it.

My heart is so full watching my babies grow up and become friends. My sister and I are so far apart in age that it took a long time for us to be true friends, even though we always have loved each other (of course!). It’s just that with almost 7 years between us, we were always in very different life stages. With Harlyn and Mav being 3 years apart, they will be able to relate to each other much more easily, and I can’t wait to see them support each other, love each other, and fight each other for years to come.

Do your kids have a good relationship? What helped them get there? How many years are between them?

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    • September 7, 2018


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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.

I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.

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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.