The Ultimate Guide to Running Gear

Every runner needs a few key items to get into the groove–so today, I give you my ultimate guide to running gear.

Now, in full disclosure, I know there are things that “serious” runners need that I don’t–like those goo packets you eat, belts with water bottles (although I have been considering that with all this dang heat and humidity we’ve been having!), and other stuff like that. But today we’re keeping it simple.

And one final note–you can run without gear. If you have a pair of tennis shoes, shorts, and a t-shirt, you can run. So if buying new stuff isn’t in the cards for you right now…that is okay and you should totally work with what you’ve got!

If you need help getting started with running, check out THIS post.

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Alright, ready, set, GO!

1. Bluetooth wireless earbuds

Okay, I know that these have a connector wire between ears, but still. For only $24, these headphones work great. I don’t have a cord running from my phone to my face, they hold a charge really well, and they even come in pink if that’s your thing (it’s totally mine–I have the pink. B has the black). Being able to listen to podcasts or music on runs is a must for me!

2. Under Armour running socks

For Christmas, I got some UA socks and I’ve really enjoyed them. They are tight and stay put. Plus I love the bright colors they come in! And for summer, I like that they are pretty thin while also feeling comfortable.

3. Arm Band

I don’t understand how people run any sort of distance while carrying their phone in their hand. It would take me .2 seconds to drop and shatter mine to pieces. Plus, it just seems annoying. I can’t live without my arm band.

4. FitBit or other tracker

I use my FitBit 24/7. I’m so glad I have it to track my runs–I can start and stop right from my wrist, see any texts or calls that come in while I’m getting some miles in, and when I’m done, I like to look at my route and my stats. It’s also just motivating to have–I don’t like looking at the app and seeing 1-2 days of exercise. It helps me stay accountable.

5. Running belt

I rarely use my running belt, but I do love having it. Why? Race day you need a place for your stuff, and it worked perfectly to store our keys, B’s inhaler, and a few other small things. B has borrowed my belt several times to take his inhaler so that he doesn’t have it all loose in his pocket.

6. Body Glide

So, to be honest, I don’t use Body Glide, but that’s only because I have come to the conclusion that I am the exception to the rule. Almost everyone chafes as they add mileage. Brandon uses Body Glide every run. So does my SIL. Therefore, I’m adding it as something that would be helpful for runners–even though I never chafe and haven’t had the need for it. Maybe if I ever train for a full, I’ll need it then??

7. Running shorts

My favorite bottoms to run in are tight, black, short shorts. I don’t own this particular pair, but they look identical to the ones I have. It’s like 1000 degrees here every day now, so I don’t want a bunch of clothes on when I run. You’ll never find me in long shorts or capris in these summer months. And it’s likely just personal preference, but tight shorts just work best for me.

8. Buff

I think maybe I have a small head, because I can’t keep a headband on for the life of me. Even those ones that have the rubbery stuff so they won’t slide off your head. And while a Buff is a little big still for me, it stays SO much better than any running headband I’ve tried. I don’t wear them often because it makes me feel hotter, but I’m considering restarting the habit to reduce the sweat that gets in my eyes while I’m running!! Brandon has several and wears them every single run.

And that’s the list! What do you find are the most important things to have for your workout?


If you are a runner, you know there’s a few things that make your run a more pleasant experience. Today, I’m sharing The Ultimate Guide to Running Gear, for those that may be thinking about running, or are a beginner or intermediate runner. #run #running #fitness

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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.

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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.