2019 Holiday Gift Guide: Young Girls

The Christmas countdown is ON, which means I’m back today with the holiday gift guide for girls!!! Woo hoo!

It’s Barbies and unicorns and glitter tattoos today, you guys!

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1.Barbie Dream Plane

I can’t find this on Amazon, but Target or Walmart appear to have you covered. Harlyn has been wanting a plane for her Barbies for about a year now, and this is the year she’ll finally be able to take her Barbies to a land far away.

2. Frozen 2 Bike

Again, I can’t find this on Amazon, but Walmart should do the trick. This is what Harlyn asked Santa for this year! And of course, she has to have the version where a doll can ride along. This will be her first big girl bike!

3. Glitter Tattoo Kit

We went to a kids’ holiday event last weekend, and they had glitter tattoos, which both of my kids thought were pretty fab. I’m about to find out if I have the skillz when it comes to glitter tats! 

4. Unicorn comforter

Unicorns are so “in” right now for girls! I see unicorns in the little girls and bigger girls sections at stores, so I think this is a perfect gift choice too. I can’t wait to see what Harlyn thinks about her new unicorn bedding.

5. Monopoly or Monopoly Jr

When given the choice between playing dolls or playing a board game, we ALWAYS choose the board game. So we wanted to add to our collection of games this Christmas. Since Harlyn is only 5, we’re going with the Junior version.

6. Star and Moon Projector Night light

This is such a better night light than the ones we grew up with! This makes the room feel happy and cozy–Harlyn sleeps with hers every night.

7. Kids Kindle Fire

Harlyn loves using her “iPad” which is actually just the Kindle Fire–Kid version. I don’t think she’ll be outgrowing it any time soon, which is great because it keeps her from needing to use my phone (as much!). 

8. Christmas Eve Pajamas

We always have the best luck for Christmas Eve pajamas at Target. Each year, we buy the kids new Christmas jammies and let them open them on Christmas Eve so they can wear something fun and festive to bed while visions of sugar plums dance in their heads.

9.Garmin vivofit jr 2

If you have an Apple Watch or Fitbit, it’s likely that your kids think those watches are pretty cool. So here’s a kid version of an activity tracker! I know that Harlyn would really think she was hot stuff if she had one! Anything to be more like her mama 😉 I 

10. Frozen 2 Uno

Because regular Uno just doesn’t cut it when Frozen 2 comes around! 

11. Mermaid Tail blanket

These blankets just make me smile! If your kids love blankets and being cozy like mine do, this could be a winner. 

12. Makeup Kit

When I was growing up, I always loved getting makeup kits like this one!!


What are you buying for the little girls in your life this year?

Need some gift ideas for young girls? I have you covered! Here’s 12 gifts that the young girls in your life will love this Christmas. #christmaslist #santa #holidays

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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.

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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.