2019 Holiday Gift Guide: Toddler Boys

It’s holiday gift guide time–and today we’re talking toddler boys because, well, I have one of those! 🙂

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Here’s some of my favorites for our favorite little men!

1. VTech Go Go Smart Wheels Mickey Mouse Choo Choo Express
We actually already own this toy–a gift from last year from Papa–and this is Maverick’s most used toy. A few months ago, he developed an affinity for the Go Go Smart Wheels, and now it’s the ONLY THING he will play with.

2. LeapFrog 2-in-1 LeapTop Touch
Harlyn actually has the older and girlier version of this…and even at 5 she still likes to grab it. She pretends to do her work, be a doctor, etc., and naturally that means Maverick also wants a chance to do the same. So we are considering buying him this touch version, because he thinks he already owns one and asks for us to find his. 😉

3. Ok to Wake Clock
We have used this clock for a couple years with Harlyn, and it really made a huge difference. Maverick’s regular clock just broke a couple weeks ago, and since he’s going to need this sooner or later, we might as well start now and see if we can get him to sleep til 6!

4. Never Touch a Shark
We have the Never Touch a Monster book, and it’s Maverick’s favorite thing to read. So we figured we’d need to snag Never Touch a Shark…because he’s also a fan of all things baby shark!

5. Hooded Towel
My kids still love a good hooded towel, and this one comes in either elephant or fox (and a few girlier options too–in case you have a girl to shop for!). We don’t have this brand yet–but Mav might just see this towel on Christmas morning!

6. Stuffed Blippi
If you’re toddler is into Blippi like mine is, may I suggest a Blippi stuffy? I am pretty sure this will be a big hit in our house this year!

7. Fisher Price Food Truck
This food truck was a Christmas gift for Mav last year, and a year later, my kids still love playing with this. Maverick still asks me to play “Food Truck” with him almost every weekend 🙂

8. Vtech Drill and Learn Toolbox
We don’t have this but it sure looks cute! We have a couple other toolbox toys which Maverick loves to drag out any time Daddy gets his out!

9. Kitchen
This is a large toy, obviously, and it’s one I’d love to have extra space for (because it lives in our living room!)…but I just can’t take it away since my kids adore it. Harlyn got it as a toddler, and now Mav loves it too. They use it as a restaurant kitchen much of the time, and Mav walks around asking “What can I get you, ma’am” or “What would you like, sir??”

10. John Deere Animal Sounds Hayride Tomy
This tractor is cute because it, like the name says, makes the animal sounds! We use it with the Little people sets or with #14 below!

11. Learning Resource Spike the Hedgehog
A fun learning toy that my MIL sent our way as an idea if we needed some other stuff for Mav to open.

12. Vtech Drop & Go Dumptruck
If you have a little boy who’s into trucks, this one is a great one. And the catchy tune certainly won’t be stuck in your head a year or two after you buy it 😉

13. Little Tikes Basketball Hoop
A staple for all toddler boys, am I right?

14. Star night light projector
If your toddler is getting to the age where he doesn’t like the dark, here’s a bright and happy way to make nighttime easier.

15. Batat Big Red Barn
We got this a few years ago from a family friend, and it’s still in Mav’s room today. Maverick and Harlyn actually both play with it and love to mix and match this with the Little People sets and the Vtech Go Go Smart Wheels sets

16. Paw Patrol Fire Truck
My kids actually get into fights about this toy. Whoever gets it out will inevitably come tell on the other kid because it’s been stolen. The funniest thing is that we don’t even watch Paw Patrol, but the fire truck is a huge hit.

17. Tent
Every so often (and on rainy days sometimes) we set up the tent for the kids. Mav thinks he is hot stuff when he gets to play inside of the tent!

18. Doodle Mat
The best part about it is that they are coloring with WATER. So I don’t ever need to be stressed about Mav coloring off the mat or heading to the walls. He does tend to push too hard, so I try to keep his “marker” the same so that both of the “markers” aren’t too smooshed to use.

19. Bubble Lawn Mower
Mav actually plays with this inside (no bubbles) now that it’s getting to be indoor weather. He pretends its broken or needs gas about every 2 inches he mows, and then he will turn it upside town to work on fixing it.

20. Amazon Fire
Yeah, yeah, I know. Electonics. Say what you will–but our kids are allowed to use their “iPads.” They are actually the Kids Kindle Fire, and it’s so worth it for us. Maverick loves to watch Blippi or Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, or play the Mickey appisodes on his. We do limit the time they can spend on devices, but having them be able to wind down from a long day while we start dinner and laundry is a welcome thing in this house!

I hope this list has given you a few ideas for the toddler boys you are buying for this Christmas season! These toys will last longer than just toddlerhood, since any toy on here that we actually own, our 5 year old daughter will still play with too. I love that these toys can be (and are!) used for both boys and girls–even though I wrote this post for boys. I love that my kids will play TOGETHER with most of these toys, even if there is a little fighting that goes down at times. 😉

What are you buying for the little guys in your life this year?

Need some gift ideas for toddler boys? I have you covered! Here’s 20 toys that boys 1-3 (and beyond!) will love this Christmas. #christmaslist #santa #holidays

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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.

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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.