7 Tips to Help You Drink More Water

In case you don’t know this by now…drinking water is really good for you. And also, I drink a crap ton of it.

I hear from so many people that they really don’t like water…and I totally understand. But the thing is: you can teach yourself to love water, and I have. I didn’t used to like water, but now I can’t dash up to the corner grocery story without my water cup in tow. #truestory My water goes everywhere with me.

Wanna learn how to drink more water? I got you.

1. Find a cup you love. 

For me, I have to have a knock off Yeti because my water must be ice cold at every moment. I’ve tried regular tumblers, with all the pink and glitter to make me love my cup, but honestly nothing gets me drinking more water than just having it be super cold. So the knock off Yeti wins. No matter how you prefer your water, make sure your cup can provide that preference, and make sure it’s cute and functional enough to inspire you to use it!

2. Don’t leave home without your cup.

 Seriously. Unless you’re going for a run and it would spill everywhere. As I mentioned, I don’t leave the house without it. Neither do my husband or kids. Water bottles in our home is like asking if you’ve grabbed the keys and wallet…it’s non-negotiable. Because your water is always right there, you’ll tend to reach for it more and more until one day you accidentally forget it and feel parched within like 3 and a half minutes. 

3. Keep your water on your desk.

Keep your water next to pens, sticky notes, and anything else you pick up often. This will help remind you to also be drinking your water..and soon it’ll be as automatic as picking up that pen! Make it your goal to need a refill by lunch time. 

4. Take your water to bed. 

Drink it before you close your eyes. Drink it when you open them 7 hours later. This is another reason I love the cups that keep drinks cold for 27 years straight! 😉 I don’t want warm, nasty water when I wake up!

5. Have a special cup for every member of your family. 

This encourages everyone to drink their water. All four of us have our special cups and refill them a million times a day. Seeing other people be water fanatics helps you remember to be one too! I can’t tell you how many times one of us will see someone else with their water and suddenly the only thing that matters in LIFE is finding our own!

6. Try infused water.

A couple weeks ago, we started making fruit-infused water as a way to eliminate the pop/soda we drink. And it’s working because it is DELICIOUS and makes you feel like you are totally getting away with something. So far, our favorite has been the citrus detox, which is lemon, lime, orange, cucumber, and mint. 

7. Track your intake.

If you wanna get really serious, go ahead and track your water intake! There’s only about a million ways you can do this, so pick what works for you. There are even water bottles that give you lines of where you should be at certain points of the day! I don’t personally track–although when Brandon knows I’m having a particularly busy or stressful day, he will always fill my cup for me and/or ask if I’ve been drinking water. I have a tendency to get so locked into my work that I won’t get up for a refill, which is definitely a bad habit that needs to be eliminated!


I hope you found these tips helpful–drinking water is really a great way to feel better and stay healthier!

I’m sharing seven tips to help you drink more water today on the blog! Drinking water is one of the easiest ways we can focus on our health, and yet we often fail to get enough H2O in! Well, not anymore. Drink up!

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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.

I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.

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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.