Moms Hate Jeans (and other truths about motherhood)

Hi friends!! Today, we’re going to chat about the fact that I hate jeans. Like, I seriously despise them to my core. But I know enough moms to know that I am not unique in my distaste for them, so today I bring you…truths about motherhood. Grab your coffee and your yoga pants, because here we go.

1) Moms hate jeans

I think it’s pretty much fact: moms are not fans of jeans. Give us all the yoga pants, sweatpants, workout attire, and *gasp* dress pants if we must, but please, don’t make us wear jeans one second longer than necessary. I wear jeans on weekends because jeans really do match everything. But listen: the second (I mean…the absolute MOMENT) I walk into the door and won’t be leaving the house again, those suckers are coming off. And that’s true even if it’s 11 AM. And you better believe that the ONLY jeans I’m wearing these days are high-waisted. Because if there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that no one needs to be aware of the mom pouch I’ve got going on under those hated jeans!

2) Moms want their kids to stay little AND grow up at the same exact time

I have fantasies about the day I will no longer bathe my kids. When we can go to the store and not have someone screaming. About the trips we’ll be able to take when the kids are grown. And I know it’s gonna be amazing. So then, HOW, am I simultaneously looking at pictures of Harlyn and Maverick after they go to bed, missing them and wishing they would never grow up? How am I dreading the day Mav’s pacifier goes away and he’s truly a “big boy?” How am I registering Harlyn for Kindergarten while trying not to lose my cool? It’s a mystery of motherhood.

3) Moms really do just want to pee (and shower!) alone

Oh man. While I am so glad my kids love me so much they would want to come with me to go to the bathroom, I also think it would be really fun to make it through the 3 minutes 100% alone. Sometimes, I take a couple extra minutes in the restroom at work just because I know no one will come barging in on me. And a shower where no one was peeking through the curtain at me? BLISS.

4) Moms can have ALL the emotions within minutes

As mamas, we can experience a wide range of emotions about our kids. For instance: Harlyn and Mav will be playing so sweetly together my heart is about to BURST OPEN with love for them. I’m so proud of them for sharing and getting along. I’m so thankful God gave us two. And then two nano seconds later, someone is hitting or pushing or yelling, and I’m like…AHHH!!! KIDS ARE SOOOOOOO OBNOXIOUS! Just like that, I’m thinking about how overwhelming and annoying motherhood can be and oh yeah, WHAT WERE WE THINKING WITH THE WHOLE TWO KIDS THING!?!?! And then Mav says “Sowwy” in his cute little voice where somehow the S has almost an H sound to it, and I’m back to thinking that I love them so much it physically hurts me. #momlife

5) Moms often wonder if they’re doing it right

Motherhood is trial by fire, am I right?!? I feel like we’re all just pretending we know what to do, but inside we’re doubting our abilities to parent. Are we making the right decisions for our kids? When do I take a stand on an issue, and when do I let it slide for the greater good (ie peace in my home). How do my mom friends deal with a certain situation? I wish I had mommin’ figured out, but so far I’m almost 5 years in and I still don’t know what I’m doing a lot of the time. I hope that I am doing a decent job, and some days I’m much more on my Mom Game than others. Thankfully, kids are pretty forgiving, so even if we get it wrong a few times, our kids won’t disown us.

Well there you have it…5 things I’m fairly sure my fellow mamas relate to! Motherhood is complicated—it’s fun, exciting, exhausting, wonderful, intimidating, and…everything else. It’s one of the greatest joys of my life, and I am so blessed to be Harlyn and Maverick’s mommy.


I’m sure there’s a ton of other truths about motherhood, so let me have them! What’s something you and all your mama friends agree on when it comes to #momlife???

If you are a mom, you can attest to the truth that yoga pants, leggings, and other comfy pants are a mother's dream. Today on the blog, I'm talking about the fact that manas hate jeans, and other truths about motherhood! #momlife #momtruths #motherhood #mama #momjeans

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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.

I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.

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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.