Affordable, Mom-friendly Swimsuits from Amazon

Today, I want to share some cute, affordable, mom-friendly  swimsuits with you! I’m writing this post while I’m looking out at the ocean from our beach house (rental) deck, and it just feels right. 😉

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So, this is my first year buying bathing suits from Amazon. The past few years, I’ve gotten them from Target, but this year, they just didn’t have what I was looking for. I was ready to try the two piece, high waisted bikini, and I didn’t see anything I loved. 

None of my old bathing suits fit these days (except for my lone one piece) because all my bikinis were from my larger-chested days. Last summer I was finishing up breastfeeding and had just started running. This year, I’m about 7 lbs lighter and I’m no longer a nursing mama…so my chest is GONE! Ha.  But I suppose it was the perfect excuse to grab a few new swimsuits! 

I popped on Amazon and found a ton of cute suits. I chose 4, expecting a couple to actually work. Somehow, against all odds, they all fit…and I felt comfortable and attractive in all of them. So I kept them all. But at these prices, I think that’s quite alright!!

1.Retro 50s Blue Floral Bikini

Okay, when I say “mom-friendly” on this one…I mean MOM FRIENDLY. Not only did I love this one on myself, but my own mom (who is 65!) borrowed this from me one day on our trip and she looked so cute in it! Whether you’re in your 30s or 60s, this has great coverage. I think this one fits true to size. Also, it’s $23.99

2. Retro Flounce Bikini

This is also super cute and flattering on lots of women! How do I know? Well, I have the orange one, but I saw a mama with a totally different body type than me rocking the blue one (flamingos) on our trip, and I loved it on her as well. If my mom had stayed another day, I’m betting she would have borrowed this one too! Again, true to size, and it’s only $16.99. WHAT???

3. (Floral) Vintage Bikini

Ok, I have NO idea why the word floral is in this. It’s not floral at all! But I do like this one and liked the shape of the top too…I think it added a little somethin’ to it! This one warned that it ran small, so I grabbed the medium and it works perfectly. So go up one size! It’s $10.98–pretty darn good if you ask me!

4. Women’s Sexy Self Tie Halter

Well, the Amazon model looks pretty sexy…I did not. I just looked like me. LOL! Anyway. This was the least high waist of all four suits, but I still liked it. Even with “sexy” in the title, I still was able to do that #momlife thing with no issues. It’s $18.99 and I bought the small (true to size).

There you have it! Four cute and affordable swimsuits in case you’ve got a trip coming up and haven’t gotten around to shopping yet. I’m an Amazon addict and now I know: you can even find your bathing suits there!

 Where do you find your swimsuits? Have you ever ordered one from Amazon?

Need an affordable, mom-friendly swimsuit? I’ve got a few good Amazon finds for you! High-waisted bikinis make the best bathing suits--easy off and on, cover trouble areas, and you can easily play in the water or sand with your kids. #swim #summer #bikini

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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.

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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.