Budget-Friendly Spring Clothes for Women

I’m so excited to share with you today some super cute budget-friendly spring clothes!!

And you’ll hardly believe me when I tell you where I had such great luck shopping: WALMART.

So, backstory: A million years ago (ok, maybe like 8) I bought a few things from Walmart and was NOT impressed. It was mostly workout stuff, but they got super stretched out and pilly right off the bat. So I never really thought about buying clothes there again. But then this spring came, and Brandon kept telling me how cute Walmart’s clothes were (he usually does the grocery shopping while I stay home with the kids). So this past weekend, we decided to all venture out to Walmart to look at some clothes! And man, I had all the luck!! EVERY SINGLE THING I BOUGHT WAS UNDER $15! Amazing!

You ready to see these super affordable, adorable clothes??

Flowered Jeggings $11.96

Tank $10.88 

Shoes $14.88

White Jeggings (similar) $11.96

Lace Sleeve Tank $10.92

In full disclosure, I wouldn’t normally have paired this next look together (the flowers on the top are reddish and the shorts are HOT pink) but I was running out of time for this post! 😉 I will most likely wear the top with the white jeggings, and wear the shorts with a white or black tee!

Pink Shorts $9.98 

Floral Top $12.92 

I wore the first two outfits to work this week, and the shorts Sunday after church, so all of this is comfortable to actually WEAR. The darker blue top I have on today with dark blue work pants, and I’m liking this shirt too.  I also got compliments all week, so I think my Walmart trip was a success!


What do you think about Walmart’s clothes this spring season? Have you found anything I should snag?

Ready to update your spring wardrobe, but don’t want to spend a ton? Check out these budget-friendly spring clothes for women! At these affordable prices (each piece is under $15 from Walmart!!), I was able to get new outfits that I can mix and match with what I already have at home.

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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.

I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.

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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.