Budget-Friendly Spring Clothes + Shoes for Kids

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that clothes and shoes for kids should be budget-friendly (at least in this house!). Kids outgrow–or just plain ruin!–clothes and shoes so fast. And thankfully, over the years, Walmart has come a long way in making cute and affordable stuff for kids.

I confess: I used to be a Walmart-hater. Then we started getting groceries there, and then somehow, clothes and shoes followed. There was a time when I really thought that you could not buy clothes from Walmart, because it all just looked…I don’t know…Walmart-y?? to me. But these days, we regularly grab clothing staples for the kids there. Like I said, they’ve upped their game in my humble opinion.

Speaking of their clothes, I did a post on Women’s spring clothes last week, so be sure to check that out HERE.

Anyway, we did a mini refresh of the kids clothes and shoes for this spring, and it all just makes me so happy!

Polka Dot Shorts $8.98 

I didn’t want to go crazy on shorts for Harlyn because she really prefers dresses, skorts, or athletic shorts over jean shorts. But we did grab a new pair so she has something cute to pair with her t shirts.

Play Dress ($9.92 for 2 pack, but in our local store these come as singles around $4.88 each)


We bought four of these, and Harlyn wears them non-stop!

Toddler Girls Skort ($8.96 for 2 pack, but in our local store these come as singles around $3.88 each)

We buy the next size up of these skorts every. single. year.

Toddler Boys Camo Shorts $9.44 

Maverick looks SOOOO cute in these. And they work as a neutral so we can just throw almost any shirt on him with them and head out the door.

Mav Outfits $10.98 

THESE outfits had me grinning ear to ear. How stinking adorable are these???

Jelly Shoes $4.98

Toddler Girl Tennis Shoes $12.00

Toddler Boy Slip Ons $7.00

Toddler Boy Sandals $7.68


Baby Boys Tennis Shoes $9.97 



Aren’t these just perfect spring/summer play clothes? I’m so glad we were able to find some cute stuff! As the kids wear them, I’ll be sure to put up pics over on Instagram!

Where do you buy your kids’ clothes and shoes? 



Why spend tons of money on kids clothes when you don’t have to? I found tons of cute clothes for toddlers and kids at Walmart! For affordable, fun spring clothes and shoes for kids, I’ve got you covered! #walmartfinds #budgetfriendly #kidsclothes

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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.

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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.