Diaper Bag Essentials: Toddler Edition

Today I thought I’d share a peek inside my diaper bag! I always like to see what other moms’ favorite products are (whether it’s kid stuff, makeup, home stuff…whatever), so here we are.

So first things first: My oldest is 4 and my youngest is 1.5, so I’m still packing actual diapers and pacifiers (yeah, don’t judge). But I’ll be carting a diaper bag long after Maverick is done with diapers because there’s a lot of stuff these kids of mine need!

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1) Diapers

We’ll start with the obvious, shall we? I know everyone has their own opinions on diapers, but I stand firm that Pampers Swaddlers are THE best for day time diapers. Whichever brand you like though, always have like 4 on hand, even if you’re only out for a couple hours, because you just never know.

2) Disposable Bibs

I’ve linked a different bib than the ones I have because my mother in law generally picks up bibs for me at the dollar store! So if you don’t want to use Amazon, try there. I used to always try to remember a real bib (how green of me!) but then I almost always forgot the bib and Maverick is NOT the cleanest eater. So…yeah…there’s disposable bibs in my bag and I adore them.

3) Disposable placemats

Here’s another thing that my mother in law picks up for me at the dollar store, so the link is not what I actually have right now. But here’s another thing I used to try to pack (the silicon roll up placemat) and never remembered. Or I’d remember it but it wouldn’t stick to the stinkin’ table. I may not be green, but I do make life easier for myself.

4) Wet Ones Wipes

THESE ARE THE BEST THINGS EVER. Seriously. I use these to wash my kids’ hands in a pinch, I use them to disinfect the restaurant table or highchair. I buy them in the small resealable packs so I can just keep them right in the bag rather than having the big tub in the car where they’ll dry out in the summer or be unavailable if I’m inside somewhere.

5) Huggies Wipe Pouch

When Harlyn was little, I had a few different plastic wipe pouches and the wipes would always dry out on me! It was the worst! Then one day I found this and my life has never been the same. 😉 I just refill the same pouch over and over (I’ve never rebought the pouch itself) and then I can put my favorite wipes in it too. I use the wipes for diaper changes, obviously, but I also use them for messy faces.

6) Contigo Cups

We are a family of water drinkers. We are a family of water snobs, too, because if the water ain’t icy, we don’t want it. All FOUR of us take water every time we leave the house. We each have our own tumbler, and we use Contigo for the kids. I just throw one into each end pocket of the diaper bag and we’re set! No one complains of thirst OR warm water. (Side note: I don’t think I’ve EVER seen a child drink as much water as Maverick. He is never going to suffer from dehydration. The downside is that we go through a lot of diapers.)

7) Munchkin Pacifier Wipes

Ok, I guess I like wipes a lot! But these ones are great for the 4,000 times per outing your baby/toddler drops their pacifier. I know it was a terrible idea to let the pacifier use go beyond age 1, but here we are well over 1.5 and still, the pacifier lives on.

8) Round sticky labels

My 4 year old is still afraid of automatic flushers on public toilets, so I have to block the sensor with my hand while she goes to the bathroom. This is not the easiest thing to do, and recently I remembered reading about a trick where you block it with a sticker and then just take it off when it’s time to flush. So I picked up some plain round sticky labels to save myself from having to keep my hand over the sensor the whole time we’re in the stall. Thank you, random person or article where I read this long ago!

9) Munchkin Snack Cups

I don’t always put these in the diaper bag (because #realtalk my kids use them at home so they are often dirty when we need to leave the house!), but when I do, life is easier. I can throw whatever snack in them and hand the whole thing back rather than having to keep handing back small amounts to Mav every 2 minutes. Harlyn can eat just fine out of a plastic snack baggie, but if Mav has the cup, she wants one too ☺ Ah, siblings.

10) Sunscreen

For like, all of last summer, we would take the kids out wherever, and suddenly I’d realize that the sun was super intense and the kids weren’t sunscreened up. So toward the end of summer, I got smart and bought a small sunscreen to KEEP in the diaper bag so that I’d never be caught without.


Well, that’s my roundup of what goes in my bag as a mom of a toddler and preschooler! What are your must haves for being out and about with young kids??


If you’d like to see these items all in one place, click HERE! 

What do you need to have in a diaper bag? As our babies grow into toddlers, the things we need change…but the bag remains. Today on the blog, I’m rounding up ten diaper bag essentials—from the right wipe case to sunscreen to my new favorite trick for toddler and preschooler potty time on the run, I’ve got you covered! #diaperbag #motherhood #whatsinyourbag

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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.

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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.