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EEKS!!! I’m so, so excited right now! Yesterday, my husband Brandon and I officially launched the Fools in Love Podcast! It’s been weeks in the making, but on Tuesday night, we got the approval from iTunes, and the podcast went live! It had been up on Google Play and Stitcher for a few days, but it didn’t seem right to announce anything til it was up everywhere.

We hadn’t told anyone that we were starting a podcast. (Well, okay, Brandon did spill the beans to one of our co-workers…but no one else had a clue!) So Tuesday night, we texted a few of our family members and friends the link. Then yesterday, we did an IG/FB Live to tell everyone else.

Can I be honest here? I think most people have been like…What. The. Heck. LOL! Not that I don’t think they are supportive. They totally are supporting us! But in our social circle, people don’t have podcasts. Or blogs. So while everyone is being super kind, I’m not convinced they ‘get it.’ Which is 100% fine, because they don’t have to.

See, the thing is…toward the end of 2018, we decided that we wanted to try something new. We decided that we needed to step out of our comfort zone and go for something bigger. So when Brandon came to me in December and told me he was going to start a podcast, I was like, “wanna start one together???” And he was like…”that’s exactly what I was hoping for!” Because in case you didn’t know, working an 8-5 together, running a blog together, living together, and raising kids together just ISN’T enough time together. ☺

Thankfully, Brandon had a vision of what the podcast would be, and all I had to do was show up and co-host. Well, okay, not really true because we both plan the content…but he named it, designed the website, figured out how to do a podcast, bought equipment, created graphics, did our social media, etc. #superhusband

Anyway. WE. STARTED. A. PODCAST. I can’t even believe it as I type it. I’m the girl who hates hearing her own voice, or watching video of myself, or calling our day job phone number (because I’m the auto-attendant recording). BLAH. So how can I be willingly sitting down with a microphone and letting anyone who stumbles upon the podcast listen to my thoughts?? But alas. Here I am, co-host of Fools in Love.

The crazy thing about us as a couple is that when we decide we want to do something, we just do it. We started this average mom blog on a random night sitting on our couch. We started Fools in Love Podcast from a 2 minute conversation in my office doorway while I was between phone calls. That’s apparently how we roll. And I love it. We never tell a soul til we can just shoot over a random link and then BAM! They click the link and it’s Meg and B’s latest #sidehustle.

Guys…if you want to do something, GO DO IT. We started both this blog and the podcast with basically zero knowledge and almost as little money put into them. We STILL don’t own a Mac (I’m typing this on a tiny little $300 laptop from Amazon). We don’t have special programs or equipment. We learn from Google and the wonderful, amazing gurus out there for blogging, social media, and podcasting. We take those free webinar/classes all the time from whoever pops up on our Insta feeds as a sponsored ad.

Don’t let fear keep you from your dreams. For the podcast, I had three big fears. I was worried about how I’d sound. When I get nervous, my voice gives me away, which is sorta an issue when you are RECORDING YOUR VOICE. I was also worried about what people would think or say. Would they think the whole thing sucks? Would they have a different opinion than me on any given podcast topic and give me crap for mine? I was also worried about the fact that between the blog and the podcast, a LOT of my thoughts are just on the good ole internet for, oh…all eternity. But guess what? Once we decided to do the podcast, I worked through these fears so that they wouldn’t stop me from starting something new and way out of my comfort zone.

I’m so glad that you’re here for the journey. Would you do me a huge favor? Would you head to wherever you listen to podcasts and give Fools in Love a listen? You can also listen on our website  

And if you have any episode ideas, please let us know!!

I’ll see you back here next week!

If you listen to podcasts, I’d like to introduce you to the Fools in Love Podcast! This podcast is honest conversations about marriage, family, kids, and everything else. In this blog post, I’m not only giving a little background on my newest project, but also encouraging you to follow your dreams. You’ve got this! Head to

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    • Sue Giegling
    • January 24, 2019

    Proud of you for jumping in & just doing it! Yes as an old person I don’t totally understand it all but proud of you two for going for it!

      • Meghan
      • January 25, 2019

      THANK YOU!! We forgive you for being old 😉 LOL!!

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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.

I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.

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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.