My Guilty Pleasure Christmas Movies List

We’re less than a week away from Christmas, which means we’ve got to fit ALL the Christmas movies in right now!!!

YAY! I really love watching Christmas movies. I am not one bit particular, and if I didn’t have a husband or kids, it’d be all Hallmark, all the time, from November 1 til January 1. I mean, I have a husband and kids, and it’s practically that anyway. But I digress.

But before I get to Hallmark (and Netflix, because they have them too!!!), may I tell you about my favorite regular Christmas movies?

1.White Christmas

I have somehow convinced Brandon, Harlyn and Maverick that this is the best movie. Brandon started loving it for me years and years ago. But a few weeks ago, we put it on, and Maverick became OBSESSED. He has watched at least part of it every single day since. He just can’t get enough! And now that he adores it, Harlyn has come around too. It makes my heart so happy that this movie is on all the time these days! And Mav will put the DVD in himself so he doesn’t have to wait for an adult to get around to it. 😉

2. Twas the Night Before Christmas

I loved this cartoon growing up, but never knew what it was until about 10 years ago or so. Then I remembered “that mouse Christmas cartoon” and somehow…my mom knew what I meant and tracked it down!!! Now my kids love it too.

3. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

This is one that Brandon turned me on to. I never liked stressful movies–where every thing that could go wrong, does–until B’s family introduced me to this movie. That was in 2003, and now I can’t imagine not putting it on every time it plays on TV. We try to watch it every year on Thanksgiving night (since we have the DVD) but it just didn’t happen this year.

And now we should talk about Hallmark and Netflix–and this is REALLY where the whole “guilty pleasure” thing comes into play. You may think I’m ridiculous for watching and loving these, but I totally do not care. They make my heart so happy, and that’s what matters.

4. Christmas Under Wraps

Ok, I love me some Candace Cameron Bure, and this movie is just soooo cute!! She’s a doctor who moves to a small town called GARLAND. I love all the scenery in this movie and it’s just the perfect Hallmark movie!!

5.The Christmas Card

This one is SO OLD…like 2006 old…but it was one of the first Hallmark Christmas movies I ever even remember watching (although maybe I watched them before that and just have no memory of any specific movie? I don’t know!). But it’s about a soldier who gets a letter from a woman, comes home, and well, you know the rest. I will forever remember watching this with my mom and sister.

6. A Christmas Prince + A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

These are Netflix’s versions of Christmas movies, and the first one was basically a cult classic. It was so bad it was GOOD, and this year they’ve released the third installment (which I’ll be watching soon!). Again, ain’t no shame in my #christmasmovie game!!

7. The Princess Switch

And then Vanessa Hudgens came to Netflix, and my life got even better. Last year I forced Brandon to watch this movie with me, and while he made fun of it, I bet he didn’t even hate it. Don’t you just love any movie where two people switch places?!?! They are always so cute.

8. The Christmas Chronicles

Speaking of forcing B into watching Christmas movies with me, we also watched this one last year. It has Kurt Russell as Santa! Thankfully, Netflix has already promised us The Christmas Chronicles 2 in 2020–and I am HERE FOR IT.

9. Holiday in Handcuffs

This was from 2007 and was on ABC Family before the network changed to Freeform. I watched this movie every year, but for the past several years, I haven’t been able to catch it! It’s Melissa Joan Hart, and I am a child of the late 80s and 90s. While writing this blog post though, I though to search on my TV, and good news! It’s available On Demand (well, on AT&T anyway!). You know what I’ll be watching this week!!!

10. Snowglobe

Andddd while we’re talking about old ABC Fam movies, I can’t NOT mention this Christina Milian gem!! She gets to go into a snowglobe, you guys!!!! And in case you want to see the 2008 glory that this was…it is also On Demand right now. 

If you need me, I’ll be snuggled in a warm blanket with hot chocolate, watching all these holiday movies!! EEKS!!! 

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

 I’m talking about all the corny, amazing Christmas movies on the blog today! From Hallmark, to Netflix, to DVDs and On Demand, I’ve got you!! Grab your fuzzy slippers, cozy blanket, and hot cocoa because it’s time to snuggle up with a good holiday movie!! FA LA LA LA LA!

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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.

I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.

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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.