How to Style a Kimono

If you haven’t seen me wearing THIS kimono over on IG yet, let me introduce you to my new found love of kimonos!

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Back in March, I bought the kimono before our San Diego trip (and don’t worry, I’ve created a San Diego travel guide for you HERE, and have proceeded to wear it basically every week since. I had reservations about buying one because I am sooo short (5’0”) and I thought only tall women could get away with it. But then I started seeing some shorter gals on IG rocking them, and it convinced me to try!

And now, we’re talking about how to style a kimono because they are cute, zero effort, affordable, comfy, and can be worn almost anywhere!

Style 1: At Work

I think kimonos can definitely work in a business casual environment. I throw on black dress pants or nicer, thicker work-appropriate leggings, a black tank, and the kimono and I’m ready to head to work!


Style 2: Summer Date Night

This past Friday night, Brandon and I were able to sneak away for a date night! It was pretty amazing, and I’m so glad B surprised me by asking his mom to watch the kids for us. We rarely get out of the house sans kids (other than work!) so it was just a really enjoyable time. I threw on high-waisted jean shorts, a white tank top, my kimono, and my summery Toms (aren’t they the CUTEST!?!?). Throw on a little lipstick and BAM–summer (ok it’s spring, but it’s like 86* here!) date night look accomplished!


Style 3: Travel

Need something that takes up NO room in a suitcase? Yep, the kimono is your BFF. On our San Diego trip, we were conferencing and sightseeing. So I was able to pack the kimono and wear it all day for the conference and then still look presentable for a casual dinner out! I paired it with some distressed cuffed jeans. I was feeling fancy that day, so I had some dangly earrings and fun bracelets for added color and pizzazz!


A few other brief notes about kimonos:

  • exact sizing is not required, making it an easy online purchase for you or someone else
  • they feel like wearing a robe around (I love to be cozy and comfy)
  • I get compliments basically every time I wear mine
  • I’ve seen all shapes and sizes of women wearing them on social, and all of them looked adorable
  • Amazon is your best friend–the options are seriously endless. Their kimono game is strong.


Are you a kimono fan? Do you have a favorite brand you need to tell me about it the comments??


Okay, what are you still doing here? Go get you a kimono! And if you do purchase by clicking through from my first link above, know that I sincerely appreciate it. You do NOT have to get my exact kimono for me to get credit. XOXO

Not quite sure how or where to wear a kimono? Let me assure you--you can wear them almost anywhere and with anything! I’m showing you three ways you can wear kimonos! From business casual to date night to travel, kimonos are a great, affordable fashion choice.

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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.

I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.

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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.