5 Reasons to Consider a Christian School

Before this past Spring, considering a Christian school for Harlyn was not even on the radar. But as preschool was in its final months, we started feeling a pull to explore a Christian education beyond her preschool years. Here in NC, there’s no public preschool for kids that don’t need early intervention. So we ended up putting her at a Christian preschool and it was such an amazing experience. And as we reflected on her two years of preschool, we realized how much we had come to value that she was not only getting her Kindergarten prep, but she was also learning so much about God.

And that’s how we ended up pulling Harlyn out of the public school system before she ever even stepped foot into her elementary school. This past Spring, we toured the school we were interested in and we LOVED IT. Immediately, it felt like the place we needed to be. 

So here’s five reasons that led us to ultimately choose a Christian education for our children.

1.Values and learning about God

As I touched on earlier, we started getting uneasy about the fact that come fall, Harlyn would no longer pray at school (with a group at least), hear about God, be taught Christian values, go to chapel…all the things we’d loved about her preschool. 

2. The teachers

Don’t get offended here. I am not saying that public school teachers aren’t good teachers. What I AM saying is that in our observations, the teachers at both Harlyn’s preschool and her new school go above and beyond the call of duty. Not that public school teachers don’t. Brandon was a teacher in the public schools, so trust me, I believe that all teachers are amazing. But man…I just FEEL the love the teachers all have for my daughter. It’s more than I’d ever expect a teacher to love and care for my child.

3. The class size

As a perfectionist raising a perfectionist, this matters so much to me. A big class, a big school, is just another way for Harlyn to get “lost.” And what I mean by that is she’s so scared of being wrong that she doesn’t want to answer…and in a smaller class, you can’t get away with being invisible. Thankfully, her teachers have always been quick to realize that our girl is quiet, sensitive, and a perfectionist, and have worked with her on that. I’m not sure that would happen as much or as quickly in larger classrooms.

4. Everything is taught from a Biblical perspective

I went to a Christian school through 8th grade, so it wasn’t until high school and college that I had to deal with the fact that I was being taught and tested on things I just did not believe. Now to be clear, I was always aware of other perspectives and beliefs. Going to a Christian school doesn’t mean that no one teaches you about the other beliefs that exist. But I am very excited that my kids won’t have to answer a test question wrong just be to right. 

5. Academic excellence

Christian schools tend to produce academic excellence (from my own childhood experiences, Harlyn’s school’s SAT scores and other indicators, and research). Education is super important to our family, and I want the best for my kids. At Harlyn’s school, they start practicing public speaking in Kindergarten by standing up to speak and by reciting Bible verses to the whole class each week. These kids are expected to thrive, and that expectation causes them to RISE to that level of excellence. 

We are so confident in our decision to put Harlyn in a Christian school and can’t wait to see her grow there!

Considering a Christian education for your kids? We decided on a Christian school for our children, and I’m giving you the top 5 reasons we opted for private, Christian school. #parenting #kindergarten #christianmoms

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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.

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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.