7 Tips for Surviving Social Distancing

Welllll…WOW. It’s been a wild few weeks, hasn’t it? We’ve been lying low over here. Our kids haven’t left our neighborhood in probably two weeks or so, and we only go out to get groceries and to go to work.

Anyway. I thought we’d talk about surviving social distancing and how to make it easier on not only us, but also on our loved ones.

1.Get outside.

I know this one is super obvious, but you cannot be in your house for weeks on end. It’s just not healthy. Go play in your yard. Go on a run or a bike ride. Walk the dog. Pull the kids in the wagon. Whatever you choose to do, go outside every day. We’ve been trying to make sure the kids get out at least an hour or so. We’ve played t-ball or had the kids ride their bikes a few houses down, and taken family runs with the kids riding in the stroller. It’s fun for all of us! And here’s the thing: you can leave your yard…just don’t go to the playground and keep your distance from others you encounter. Easy!

2. FaceTime or video chat.

Right now, I haven’t seen my parents in weeks. They haven’t seen my kids in weeks. So FaceTime is the best way for us all to stay connected. I think seeing the faces of our loved ones really helps when we can’t be near them in person. One of my friends even suggested that we get our kids on a FT call soon just so they can say hi and see other kids and I think it’s a great idea!

3. Keep some sort of routine.

Even if you’re suddenly a SAHM and a homeschooling mama, keeping some normalcy in your day is really important. It helps everyone feel a little more secure. Right now Brandon and I don’t have to leave the house as early, and we don’t have to get the kids ready for school, but we’ve still been setting our alarms for 4 AM. We just like the time in the morning kid-free as we do our independent morning routines. And in the evenings, we’re still getting the kids in bed on time and doing the usual nighttime rituals. This just keeps everyone happier and knowing what to expect.

4. Send a card.

Now’s a great time to send some snail mail! Mail a card and a couple pics to your grandparents, or just send a little note to your BFF. It’s always nice to know that someone is thinking of you, right??

5. Enjoy downtime with the fam.

It’s okay to enjoy a little time at home with your family. Rather than focusing on what you aren’t doing out and about, why not focus on connecting with the people you live with?? We may be social distancing right now as a country, but the good news is I can snuggle with my babies or watch TV with my husband and MIL (she’s staying with us right now!). Social distancing from others makes you enjoy those that are actually right in your house!

6. Read or write.

Get lost in a good book. Write in a journal. There’s never been a better time to do some of our favorite introvert activities!!! 😉 

7. Above all else, choose to see the GOOD in every day.

Yes, the kids are other-level irritating. Yes, I’d like to be able to go out in public and be closer than 6 feet without someone acting like I have a plague. Yes, it does get boring when you can’t leave the neighborhood. But rather than ruminating on all the hard and annoying parts of social distancing, I can choose to see the good stuff. Good stuff like: all the extra time and attention my kids are getting right now; our dog Bella doesn’t have to be alone after the death of her doggie sister, the kids play pretend together constantly (house, doctor…you name it, they play it). So let’s try to find the good each and every day.

Leave me your best tip for social distancing below!


As we deal with the Coronavirus, much of the country has been practicing social distancing. Here’s a few tips on how to survive social distancing during COVID-19.

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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.

I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.

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I'm Meghan. I am an average mom.